Conversion Coatings

Conversion coatings are used on metal parts to be painted. They are acidic chemical products used before paint to convert the metal substrate to an iron or zinc phosphate surface. The chemical reaction modifies the metal surface to enhance paint adhesion and field performance. Metal conversion coatings can undergo either a chemical or an electro-chemical process. This process includes, but is not limited to, processes such as chromate conversion coating used primarily on aluminum substrate, iron and zinc phosphate conversion coatings used on steel and galvanized steel and anodizing used primarily on aluminum. See our product guide for details of our Iron Phosphates and Zinc Phosphates.

Conversion coatings are used to give paint something to bond to during the curing process. Without a conversion coating on the metal surface or equivalent, the cured paint sits on the surface of the steel rather than mechanically bonded to it. This is why paint can sometimes delaminate from the surface of the steel if there is an insufficient conversion coating or none at all. Evenly distributed conversion coatings, is a thin film of overlapping crystals that form during the pretreatment reaction. The quality of paint adhesion and field performance of the metal part is dependent on the paint quality and the quality of the conversion coating beneath it.

Farayand Yekta Pajooh Chemicals have the solution to your metal pretreatment needs. Through chemical conversion coatings conducted by spray or immersion, the surfaces are ready for subsequent painting. Once prepared, these conversion coatings provide a solid foundation for paints and adhesives. The most common paint used in general industry is powder coat, while the most common paint used in automotive, is an acid catalyzed wet paint (see article Removing Paint Overspray for more information on painting in general).

Farayand Yekta Pajooh produces zinc phosphate , iron phosphate and non-chrome  conversion coatings for many surfaces including steel, galvanized and aluminum substrate.

Farayand Yekta Pajooh is highly driven to meet the highest quality standards in formulating conversion coatings for industry. For more information, contact us at our corporate headquarters in Burlington Ontario