Why De-scaling?


Farayand Yekta Pajooh Performance Chemicals offers our descaler product, Farayand Yekta Pajooh . It is an inhibited hydrochloric acid based product designed for effective de-scaling on mild steel, stainless steel and some brass equipment. Water hardness, co-precipitated oils or greases and phosphate precipitates are causes of scale buildup. Farayand Yekta Pajooh removes all these scales.

De-scaling washers is necessary when inorganic scale and some organic contaminants are not removable with basic cleaning solutions. De-scaling restores steel surfaces and piping (metal or plastic) to their original condition.

Scale buildup generally affects heat transfer and fluid flow in piping. Farayand Yekta Pajooh’s de-scaling products remove scale by rapidly dissolving existing deposits of metallic oxides, carbonates, sulphates, and silicate scale formations. The application of de-scaling depends on the conditions and levels of existing buildup. Farayand Yekta Pajooh’s de-scaling product, Farayand Yekta Pajooh , contains special wetting agents, which aid in the removal of scale buildup and oils.

Farayand Yekta Pajooh has the capability of bulk chemical de-scaling. Bulk de-scaling is typically used for large automotive phosphate tanks. Farayand Yekta Pajooh brings in tanker loads of nitric acid based de-scalers for phosphate tanks and tanker loads of Farayand Yekta Pajooh for cleaner tanks. De-scaling acid is circulated for ten to twenty hours, depending on the levels of buildup. We recommend semi-annual de-scaling for large automotive zinc phosphate and alkaline cleaner tanks.

Vanchem is highly driven to meet the highest quality standards in formulating de-scaling chemical compounds for industry. The cost effective and high-grade solutions meet our customers’ strict standards. For more information, contact us at our corporate headquarters in Burlington Ontario.